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Will you sit in the driver seat of your life
or backseat drive?



Free Smoke Academy aims to empower youth to tap into their truest potential through athletics. From the ball field to the board room, we encourage everyone to strive for absolute greatness through our three pillars: Accountability, Coachability, and Persistence. The skills learned through our extensive training program will equip you with transferable skills that will lead to success in all facets of life.

No matter your position, knowledge, or talent level, come get this Free Smoke…


Your Legacy is Up to You.


Accountability:  The most important of our 3 pillars is accountability. Accountability starts with YOU. To attain any goal, you must first hold yourself responsible to a certain set of standards.
Acknowledge YOU are in control of your actions, emotions, reactions, effort and ultimately your future.

Coachability:  The second most important pillar at Free Smoke Academy is Coachability. You’re good, but there’s always room for improvement. Our trained professionals will prepare you to be the absolute best. From public speaking to position drills, we are here to coach you to become the best version of yourself on and off the field. An open mind will open doors to your wildest dreams.


Persistence:  Approach every day, every drill, every practice as though you are competing in the Super Bowl. Every answer won’t be a yes. Everyone won’t see you as the best option. Regardless of the
opposition you should continue to show up with a high level of tenacity and respect for your craft.


If you follow these pillars, and give your absolute best, I assure you that you will leave a Legacy worth
being proud of. So, is it in you? Are you Ready For this Smoke? Let’s be LEGENDARY.


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